Emotional Emergency Kit Training

Do you operate on autopilot whenever a bad mood or feeling hits?

Or do you have an emotional emergency plan?  

If NOT, then you absolutely want to join Melissa Lummis, founder of The Karma Couch, for this FREE Facebook LIVE 1 hour training on how to create a SUPERCHARGED plan to navigate any emotional pitfal life can throw at you.

Time: Sunday, December 9, 2019 @ 7:30 pm EST. Location: The Karma Couch Connection Facebook Group 

Space is limited so register TODAY.  


If you DON’T have a PLAN for when stress, overwhelm, anxiety, anger, hurt, grief, or any other negative emotion comes to roost then you’re setting yourself up for:  
➤ emotional overeating 
➤ too much wine and the resulting hangover 
➤ depression 
➤ weight gain 
➤ lowered immune response —HELLO Christmas Cold and Not-so-Festive Flu Season!  
➤ picking fights with loved ones (yes we do)  
➤ and just overall feeling crappy.

This Emotional Emergency Kit Training will teach you:

➤ the most important tools to have in your kit.
➤ the essential mindset required to navigate any emotional emergency AND how to cultivate it.
➤ the step by step process for creating YOUR most effective plan with my BONUS Emotional Emergency Plan Workbook.
➤ the top 8 Emotional Essentials to have on hand at all times AND how to use them most effectively.
➤ the meridian points to calm down and how to use tapping meditation to activate them.
➤ how to create THE essential self-care routine to SUPERCHARGE your emotional emergency badassery!

Register NOW for this FREE training to make a plan to have a HAPPY not a crappy Holiday!

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