Melissa Lummis
Hi! I'm Melissa Lummis and I'm a spiritual mentor, life coach, a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, an author, an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, a Reiki Master, an AT Thru-hiker, a mom, a wife, and an Emotions Mentor.

I know that's a crazy long list of rolls and certifications, but it's just a superficial snapshot of who I am, where I've been, and how I've ended up here, on The Karma Couch.

All of this work and life experience lead me to the deep and abiding understanding that our health and vitality is intricately connected to our emotional and spiritual well-being. I would even go so far as to say it IS our health and wellbeing.

But a few years ago I felt something shift in me. While I'd battled anxiety and depression off and on my whole life, this felt different. I was restless, unfocused, and not sure what I should be doing with my life. I was waking up at 3 am more days than not, and one cold night found myself standing barefoot in my backyard staring up at the stars, shouting in the moonlight, "What is it? What do You want from me?"

The answer was a feeling, a knowing that I needed to explore the Great Mystery that had called to me. I knew Who it was. I'd felt that Love so many years ago backpacking in the Appalachian mountains. Anxious for answers, I dug out my Tarot cards and started deep diving into my soul's purpose.

Then my mother was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer out of the blue, and I was face-to-face with Death. While I'd lost loved ones over the years, this struck a deeper, vital chord.

I halted my writing and publishing so I could turn all of my energy and attention on the vital soul work of taking care of family and myself. During my Emotions Mentor training, I volunteered to be the guinea pig for the class because I knew how much I needed to heal. I needed to uncover the old wounds I'd never completely healed and lovingly stitch myself back together.

I needed to discover the limiting beliefs holding me back from realizing my true purpose. I needed to feel all the emotions I'd buried away and then spend days soothing myself back to wholeness, and my evening and nights taking care of my kids and husband. As my mother's treatment unfolded, I dove ever deeper into the metaphysical, the energetic aspects of wholeness and well-being, such as meditation, pranayama, yoga, Tarot, Reiki, chakra therapy, and most recently, crystals.

Slowly but surely, I made progress. And I wish I could say "this moment, this one right here" is when it all came together, but I can't. Sure, I had huge breakthrough moments when I cried on my knees in my closet with what I can only describe as deep relief at "coming home" to myself. But it didn't happen all at once. It happened bit by bit.

What I can tell you is I've learned to trust myself, again, like when I was child, before my head was filled with doubts and self-criticism, before my voice was silenced and my exuberance quelled. I've learned to act despite my fears, and I've learned that my True Self doesn't judge. She doesn't terrorize me with anxiety and fear and panic attacks. She shows me the way through Her still, calm presence.

All my life, whenever I had learning breakthroughs, I got so excited I had to share. I wanted others to know this amazing stuff I was learning...thus all the certs and training. In that pursuit, I have accumulated over 15 years of experience helping people achieve their emotional, physical, and spiritual goals, including myself.
But here's the most important thing you need to know about me: I'm a human being just like you who discovered through trial and error how to transform her life into the one I really wanted, not the one I was settling for. I've battled depression and anxiety, crippling fear and self-doubt, emotional and physical health crises, as well as judgment and criticism along the way. As a wife and mother, I've had to roll up my sleeves and fight my demons as I've worked towards wholeness and wellbeing. It hasn't been easy, but it has been well worth every battle scar. My life is happier, more whole, and more satisfying than it has ever been. I still coach myself through the ups and downs every single day, but that's exactly what I've discovered works! Life, as they say, is a journey that never ends. Once you release the limiting idea that you're supposed to get somewhere and stay there, you become wide open to creating the kind of high vibe life experience you really, truly desire.

I created The Karma Couch as a virtual version of my real couch at home: a big, comfy safe space for like-minded tribe mates to gather and talk about what's bothering them, their dreams, their frustrations, and how we can help each other move towards more light-hearted and beautiful living--what I like to call the high vibe life.

So, take a moment to read my welcome message. Then I invite you to explore my blog, my books, the resources I've gathered for living the high vibe life, and the services I offer.

And I'll tell you the very first and most important secret to living the high vibe life I ever learned: there are no coincidences. Trust your journey, my friend, and believe that you didn't arrive here by accident.


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