Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why The Phases of the Moon Will Make you Question Everything

I’m about to get totally woo-woo on you...and share how the lunar cycle has changed my life: or I should say how getting in alignment with the moon has made me question everything my teachers taught me. 

The Science

I’ve always been fascinated with the moon and it’s ever-changing face. I knew it’s cycle intimately living outside in the woods for 6 months some 20 years ago.
From the dark moon, also the New Moon, to the sliver of a moon- the crescent, to the radiant, glorious glowing orb of the Full Moon I've followed her dance across the sky time and time again. And much like my ancestors, I'm sure, I've wondered and pondered and measured and made correlations between her cycle and everything on this planet.
I've read a ton of the science about the moon’s orbit, watched documentaries about how it might have come into existence. I studied tides in school and was blown away to learn that the moon's gravitational pull is probably integral to the Earth’s and to human being’s evolution.
I've even delved into the moon landing and all the conspiracies around that business. Is the moon really an alien observation ship? Did it ring like a bell when the Apollo expedition dropped our space junk on it? ;-)

The Myth

Then I dug into the mythology and lore: werewolves, insanity, and crazy ER stories. There's way too much to go into it, but suffice it to say humans have known for a very long time that the moon has an effect on us. It’s in our stories and our psyche, although Scientific American published an article telling us why we're all luny to believe it.

The Magic

Next, I studied all the magical grimoires, Amazon titles, and pagan blogs to learn about how New Moons are for making wishes and Full Moons are for letting shit go. Apparently, you can bring love, money, and good health into your life if you perform the right ritual at the right time. And according to this Throught Catalogue post you can even detox with the right moon phase and phrase.
All of this moon fascination has led me to an amazing course I’m taking called Moon Goddess Training with the Luscious Hustle gals, Betsy and Laura. We just got started BUT I’ve been consciously working with the moon on my own now for over a year based on the book Moonology by Yasmin Boland and I can tell you that a LOT has changed for me.

The Why

By curiously exploring the energy shifts of the lunar cycles and how they align with my own internal shifts, I’ve started making things happen I felt stymied about in the past. Pretty crazy, huh?
Things are happening! I am so much more patient and productive then I’ve ever been. Is it magic? Or is it learning my natural cycles of creativity, productivity, and rest and how they align with the lunar phases?
I suspect a little bit of both.
Because I like believing in magic. 😘 It’s fun.
And I love studying the human animal in all her glory, including how we mentally, physically, and emotionally function at our best.

The Opportunity

We often miss out on opportunities to level up our lives because we resist thinking outside the box. Scientific American has a particular mission: to be the "leading authoritative force for the science discoveries and technology innovations that matter." So, of course, they are going to question the validity of the moon's effect on human behavior. Their interest in the soul is about finding a way to measure, weigh, and define it in a scientifically accepted manner, not feel the magic of being a soul having a human experience. At least I don't think so. ;-)
I was always all about the science. Give me studies. Give me investigations and intellectually stimulating debate. But eventually I discovered it was limited by its very insistence on strict interpretations based on very careful data collection methods. My friends, life is just not that neat and tidy. It's messy. Enter quantum physics. Talk about messy!
It's messiness is exactly why I love it so much. I love when humans get stymied. I love when we hit the limits of our understanding. It's a fascinating place to be, really. If you're willing to let go of everything you've ever believed...
But our strict reliance on data and logic means we resist what can't be clearly examined and defined. It's the left brain leaning mentality. Facts. Give us facts. But much of life, dare I say it, is a mystery. Venturing into the dark, into the murky waters of intuition and gut feeling is so...woo woo, the realm of adolescent rebellion and hedonistic, pagan Burning Man rituals, NOT the realm of smarty pants intellectuals. 
Therefore, for any self-respecting intelligent person like ourselves, it's far safer to stick with the tried and true, the socially acceptable, and our family's ways of doing things. It’s easier to avoid the conflict caused by thinking differently or entertaining the thought that Shakespeare was right: there are indeed more things in heaven and on earth than we can ever dream of.
Until it’s not.
Until staying safe inside our tightly closed world becomes more painful than taking the risk to bloom into our ever,-expansive possibilities.

And that, my friends, is why the phases of the moon will make you question everything. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, 

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. 

Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

Just something to think about.

Sending y’all much love and healing light this weekend.
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