How to Turn Your Wishes Into Your Reality - Part 1 - Be Brave

How many times have you wished on the first star to appear in the evening sky? Has it been awhile? I dutifully wish on the evening star every chance I get and have been for as long as I can remember.

From the first time I wished upon a star, I've been all about the wishing. The first memory I have of wishing on the evening star is in the back of my mom's Volkswagon Beetle. I think it was summer because her window was part way down, my forehead was pressed against the window glass, and my hair whipped around my face.

The evening air was cooling. I was mesmerized by the blue sky darkening between the treetops as we buzzed along the country road. I strained my neck to see the strip of evening sky between the darkness. Suddenly, the sky opened, the trees parting for a cornfield. And there, low on the horizon in the twilight was a single, bright star. Probably the planet Venus, but that doesn't matter and wouldn't have mattered to me in the slightest at that moment.

"Look, Mommy!" I squealed, tapping my stubby little finger on the glass. "The first star! All alone! It's so bright! It's so pretty!"

"Well, make a wish," she said.

"A wish?" My little brain was churning. "How?"

"First, you say
'Star light, star bright,
first star I see tonight.
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have the wish
I wish tonight.' 
Then make your wish. BUT don't tell me what it is or else it won't come true."

She might as well have given me a magic wand with pixie dust trailing from its glowing tip. I remember the feeling of wonder and awe that came over me, that there were magical words I could say to that special star...and it would give me whatever I wanted.

Sadly, I can't remember what I wished for that night. Or much about any of the other wishes over the years. But what I did retain is a strange mixture of learned cynicism and everlasting hope. I must have made a thousand wishes over the years, but how many of them actually came true? I can't say for sure, but I know the number was low.

The disappoint of wish after wish dying on the vine must have stolen that original awe and wonder over the years because it had been a long time since I felt it. As I grew up, I became the cynic we're supposed to become and scoffed at wishes. Hard work. That's what it takes to get anything you want, and there are still things that will never be within your grasp. Life is hard and full of disappointment, yes?

Like when I liked that boy in school who didn't like me back.

Like when I just missed being first in that contest.

Like when I didn't get that job that was going to make everything in my life better.

Like when I wrote my heart out for years and the money didn't come pouring in.

Wishes were for babies.

That's what I believed, I told myself.

But in the deepest recesses of my heart dwelled one last, dying wish: that magic was real. This little flame never died out. Somehow, the hardness in my heart remained only a crust on the outside, keeping the soft light hidden from a bitter, cynical world.

I was always looking for the magic in life, whether I knew it or not. And I don't know exactly when it happened, maybe it was little life lesson after little life lesson, but the Universe sent this modern mystic a message: wishing was only the beginning.

And then another: the caution not to tell anyone what you wished for, lest your wish not come true, was the worst advice ever.

I finally I made the big connection: that hiding your wish away in the secret recesses of your heart was a surefire way to kill it. Wishes, much like Tinker Bell, need you to not only believe in them to come true, they need you to say it out loud and demonstrate that belief by taking action. Hey, maybe that's what the clapping was all about? ;-)

Anyway, my disappointment over failed wishes had driven me to find a way. I believed in magic back then and I believe in magic now. I was absolutely determined, and anyone who knows me will tell you when I get an idea in my head there is absolutely no way to dissuade me. And the fantastic news is the Universe has shown me, through trial and error ,how to make the magic work and make my wishes come true.

It took me YEARS of failure and a lot of fumbling around in the foolhardy but optimistic dark, but I swear to you I have re-discovered the awe and wonder of wishing AND the practical, no-nonsense (well, there's a little nonsense) recipe for turning a wish into reality.

Are you ready for my secret recipe? It's a bit involved so I'm breaking it down for you step by step in a series of blog posts. But that's okay because you need to take the time to digest each one before going on to the next. If you rush through this process, skimming over it and judging it prematurely, you might walk away from a life-changer. And I promise you, you DON'T want to do that.

So here's the first, vital step:

Step 1 in making your wishes come true: Have the courage to make the wish in the first place AND write it down.

Yes, the first secret ingredient is summoning the courage to make your wish in the first place. Maybe you've lost all hope, all belief in the power of wishing because no one ever taught you that wishing is just the first step in making wishes come true.

AND you need to bring that wish out of the dark and into the light. No more hiding it away. That bit of misinformation needs to die.

In other words, your wish is just a blip of energy in your brain UNTIL you somehow bring it out into the real world. You can and should say your wish out loud, but you absolutely need to write it down on paper. Get a pen. Get a piece of paper or a notebook and write it down.

WARNING: Creating a Word doc is not enough, I'm afraid. It's just not real enough.

And why not go crazy with this? Write down ALL your wishes, all the things you've secretly been longing for your entire life, but you've decided for one reason or another that they are just not possible or "pipe dreams".

So, when is the last time you wished for anything? And when was the last time you wrote it down? Maybe in a journal or diary when you were 15?

Do you want it really, really bad? Then my friend, make like an angsty teenage girl and write it down. Every detail.

Write your heart out.

Go do it NOW! And in my next post, I'll show you how to take it to the next level by maximizing your wish's potential of coming true.

Peace out

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