Sunday, September 30, 2018

I Look for Things to be Thankful For

Sunday Morning Musings
In the back of my mind always is a hiking metaphor for life, but not a weekend backpacking trip or a day hike up to Old Rag and back.
Life is a Thru-hike: a long journey with the ultimate goal not to get to the end point, Death (which who are we kidding, isn't really an end but a part of a much larger journey than we can conceive of), but to make the absolute most of the steps in between.
Friday was the 20th anniversary of the endpoint, aka Summit day, of my Thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and this picture of me and my husband sums up so much of that journey.
So I asked Source this morning: Where am I on my journey, now? What do I need to be doing right now? What is my next step?
Then I drew the first three cards from Louise Hay's How to Love Yourself Cards: a deck of 64 affirmations.
I think the message is absolutely clear and I’m not at all surprised that the centerpiece, the keystone, is to be thankful.
Gratitude is so powerful because it releases the past, trusts the outcome, and fully, joyfully embraces the present.
Peace out

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