Friday, June 29, 2018

Be Yourself, Trust Yourself

This week I challenged my High Vibe Life Facebook group to observe how authentic they were being in their daily life.

I decided on this challenge because it's been a big theme in my life this past year. As I've explored who I really am and what I really want in my life, I've been all over the emotional and spiritual spectrum. 

Who would have thought simply observing and becoming aware of how authentic I am being at any moment would have such a profound impact??

But it has and this week I’ve come face to face with my True Self and she wants me to reconnect with her, to be more spontaneous, to surrender to my natural inclination to tell stories, be creative, reconnect with my sense of humor and playfulness, AND to experience the joy of it all. 

During this intense journey of self-discovery, I went looking for essential oils to foster authenticity and here are my top 5:

1. Wild Orange. I’ve always loved Wild Orange essential oil and now I know why: not only does it help with anxiety, but it’s also the oil of abundance and reconnects us with our inner child. It encourages us to let go of a scarcity mindset and teaches us to be generous, to give without thought of compensation. 

Wild Orange also teaches us we never need to fear putting ourselves out there and to live from our True Self all the time. 

Use: Diffuse 2-4 drops with Breathe or Peppermint throughout the day. *Peppermint enhances the effect of any essential oil. 

2. Cassia. The Oil of Self-assurance teaches us to have courage, to lead with the heart and the soul. It has helped me be less shy and timid (yes, I can be) and see my own brilliance when I am feeling foolish and silly. 

Cassia invites us to let our light shine and boosts our confidence.  

Uses: Diffuse 2-4 drops or dilute 1 drop or less with a carrier oil and apply over solar plexus. Caution: Cassia can be irritating to the skin, be cautious when using topically.

3. Spearmint. The Oil of Confident Speech. People in need of Spearmint may hide their thoughts, opinions, and ideas by withholding their voices. (Um, I know it sounds absurd but this is so me!)

Spearmint helps you get clear about your thoughts and opinions and then helps you speak your truth. 

Uses: Diffuse 1 drop throughout the day. Smells AMAZING diffused with Wild Orange. Or Dilute 1 drop with carrier oil and apply over throat. 

4. Black Pepper. The Oil of Unmasking. This oil reveals the masks we wear, invites us to dig deep to the less understood parts of ourselves, and reignites the soul fire. It reveals the strength in ourselves needed to overcome our limiting beliefs and invites us to live authentically. 

When we're little, we are taught to suppress our undesirable emotions. We're told to not cry, not throw tantrums, and basically, instead of being taught how to express ourselves in a healthy way we're taught there are some emotions that are "bad" and shouldn't be expressed. So we bury them. There's an entire side of us, what we may consider our shadow side, that rarely gets to see the light of day...unless we've learned how to be passive-aggressive. 

This side of us emerges whether we like it or not, so why not choose to integrate all aspects of ourselves instead of repressing half of who we are?

Now, I'm not blaming parents or anything like that. It just happens, so anyone who's got their knickers in a twist right about now, just know I too am a parent trying to figure out how to raise my wild monkey children with the best of intentions. Relax.

Uses: Dilute 1-2 drops in a carrier oil and apply to bottoms of feet. ( I also add a few drops to olive oil and toss with fresh popcorn or salad.)

5. Kumquat. The Oil of Authentic Presence. This oil invites us to stop repressing our true feelings behind a socially acceptable facade of feigned happiness. It assists in anchoring our identity in the truth in order to live authentically. 

It invites us to shift our focus from garnering outward acceptance toward the journey to inner alignment, contentment, and healing. 

Uses: Diffuse or place a drop in hands, rub, and inhale. Apply 1-3 drops along with black pepper in a carrier oil to soles of feet. 

The source for most of the oil information in this post is my most valued resource for essential oils and emotions, the book Emotions and Essential Oils. As always, any links to products or sites in my blog posts may be associate links which means I get a few pennies if you decide to purchase, with no additional cost to you. 

If you want to learn more about essential oils and/or living an authentic, high vibe life, come join our tribe HERE~>The Essentials for Living a High Vibe Life.

Be true to you!

Peace out, my friends.

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