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Be Yourself, Trust Yourself

This week I challenged my High Vibe Life Facebook group to observe how authentic they were being in their daily life.

I decided on this challenge because it's been a big theme in my life this past year. As I've explored who I really am and what I really want in my life, I've been all over the emotional and spiritual spectrum. 
Who would have thought simply observing and becoming aware of how authentic I am being at any moment would have such a profound impact??
But it has and this week I’ve come face to face with my True Self and she wants me to reconnect with her, to be more spontaneous, to surrender to my natural inclination to tell stories, be creative, reconnect with my sense of humor and playfulness, AND to experience the joy of it all. 
During this intense journey of self-discovery, I went looking for essential oils to foster authenticity and here are my top 5:
1. Wild Orange. I’ve always loved Wild Orange essential oil and now I know why: not only does it help with anxie…

How Do I Know I'm on the Right Path?

Once upon a time, I decided to hike the Appalachian Trail. Before that, I had only gone on weekend backpacking trips, but the man I had fallen in love with was a past grand master. I could not for the life of me envision our happily ever after if I remained unadventured. Yes, it's a word. ;-)

So, I planned and I shopped. I picked over backpacks, technical clothing, stoves, pots, boots, socks, and various tidbits and gear. All the while I wondered...would I make it. Was I capable of living in the woods for 2,000 miles plus? How would I deal with the cold, the rain, the bugs, the heat, the pain? I had long moments of great pause, was I really doing the right thing?

But underlying all my doubts was the certainty that I had to try.

And so I did. I found myself, with my new husband, at the top of Springer Moutain. It was a cold day, with clouds in the sky. It wasn't the send-off I'd imagined...sunny, blue skies with little fluffy clouds floating was cold and wet and…

How to Take Really Good Care of Yourself on the Off Days

So this week didn’t go at all like I planned. I had a great post on self-care and even planned a Live video in my Essentials for Living a High Vibe FB group to show you what’s in my Off-Day Kit. But the Universe had other plans.
Like I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let my senior dog go. Thank goodness my husband and I are such a good team because having discussed the inevitable ahead of time made the process not easy, but bearable. My precious Kodi girl had a bad health episode a couple months ago and we nursed her through it, but the vet warned we could expect a repeat in the future. Our Alaskan Malamute was almost 13 years old, had progressive arthritis, among other old dog issues, and well, no one lives forever. So, we sat down and talked about it several times over the last two months. So when Kodi fell ill again this past Sunday, we were prepared, although anxious. I still held out hope we could nurse her through this. 
Unfortunately, things didn't work out the w…