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You Have to Know Yourself Before You Can Change Yourself

Sometimes, getting to know yourself is a hard, slap in the face. But it needs to be done. I spent the last 4 days trying not to complain and whoa! I have been very tempted to judge myself as a Negative Nellie.
You really need to read this post HERE-->What's In Your Cup? for context. 
Okay, now you can proceed. Not complaining? For 4 days? This. Was. Hard!!! I am so blown away by how often I went down the complaint rabbit hole. Now, I could look at this as some sort of mark against me. “Oh, Melissa, this is bad. You’re not as positive as you thought you were.” But that road leads to self-flagellation and feeling cruddy. I am NOT in the mood for that kind of nonsense and I certainly don’t see anything productive in once again judging myself so harshly. That train has left the station. Another option is to look at the bright side: I’m more aware of my thoughts and habits around complaining than I was 5 days ago. And any gain in self-awareness is a plus.   Why? Because we can’t do an…

What's in Your Cup?

I've come across this post before, and I've shared it more than once, but today it spoke to me on a new

To give you some context, this week I challenged myself and my High Vibe tribe to stop complaining for 4 days. I'd read this Headspace blog post-->This is What Happened When I Stopped Complaining for 30 Days and thought, I know myself well enough to acknowledge 30 days is overwhelming, but 4 days? I can do that.

But it hasn't been easy. At every turn, there's an opportunity to complain...about another driver, about the news, about the person standing in the cart corral blocking everyone from getting to the grocery carts while he stares off into space and chats on his phone (seriously--oops! Is that complaining???).

You get the picture.

So I see this post on a friend's timeline this morning and think, wow. It's not just when things get rough. What's inside spills out even over minor irritations.

Or maybe those things bother me more than they…