Why Can't I be Happy All the Time?

So, I wanted to clear this up: I am NOT happy and blissful ALL the time. Not by a long shot. Someone asked me that the other day and I spit out my latte as I laughed out loud. (We were both damp and smelled of sour milk and Sudanese coffee the rest of the day.) You, my tribemates, know this. You have walked alongside me and listened to me kvetch and complain. Ad nauseam.

You have sopped up my tears as I sobbed unintelligible words over failed ventures and disappointing book sales.

I could go on, but I value our time.

Here's the gist: we CAN'T be happy all the time. It would be exhausting, for one thing. Happy is a high energy emotion, that usually involves excitement and physical activity. Happy all the time would turn to delirium.

And really, what I think we mean when we say we want to be happy all the time is we don't want to feel bad all the time. Right?

And really, this is GOOD thing. Why? Because you're off the hook! You are not doing anything wrong if you're not happy as a lark 24/7. Phew! What a relief!

So here's what we CAN do: whenever we're feeling afraid or anxious or angry or some way that is not helpful in the moment, we can take ourselves back to a sense of personal power and centeredness.


Say this prayer: "I recognize that I am out of sync with my personal power. I choose to reconnect with my higher self and experience peace."

Close your eyes. Where in your body do you feel the fear? Anger? Anxiety? Imagine what kind of texture that feeling has. Is it sticky like tar? Rough like the bark of a tree? Now imagine it has a color.

Visualize a container, one big enough to hold that feeling. Breath into that feeling, that place in your body where you're holding that feeling. Hold it for a second. As you breathe out, imagine that feeling (the color, the texture) flowing out of your body and into the container. Repeat until you have completely emptied yourself of that feeling.

Now, picture that container, full of that feeling, rising up toward the sun until it is eventually engulfed by the sun and burned into nothingness.

Return your attention to that place in your body where the feeling used to reside. Imagine as you inhale that space in your body expanding. As you exhale, relax. On your next inhale, picture a golden light filling that space, a light directly from the Universe itself: pure, peaceful, loving, and perfect.

Repeat the prayer, "I recognize that I am out of sync with my personal power. I choose to reconnect with my higher self and experience peace."

Open your eyes.

Yes, it is that simple.

Peace out.


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