Manifesting Abundance?

When I think about the concept of abundance, I usually think about having a full life, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

But what if instead of mantras about "having" or "manifesting" abundance in all its forms--money, time, success, love, and so on--I changed my mantra to "I AM abundance"?

How would that change everything?

Instead of acquiring it or thinking of abundance as something we are "open to", what if we thought about it as something we ARE? A state of being vs. having?

Kind of like "I AM love" vs. "I WANT love".

The Universe is Abundance.
God is Abundance.
And since I am a spark of the Divine, it stands to reason I am abundance as well.

And hey, while I am going down this rabbit hole, what if love and abundance are the same thing?

Sooooo, if we start to think in terms of BEING abundance, as opposed to having to acquire or even be "open" to abundance...

What does that mean?

I am about to find out...

What got me thinking about this?

Well, the Luscious Hustle Podcast, for one. BUT I have been contemplating the whole abundance thing for years. I also started working with Yasmin Boland's book Moonology, which is all about using the lunar cycle to balance manifestation with releasing.

If you want to dive into this abundance concept in business terms, check out this Luscious Hustle Podcast HERE-->Money Manifesting - Release These Three Blocks to Make Abundance Flow.

If you want to explore manifestation with the lunar cycle, check out Moonology by Yasmin Boland.

What are your thoughts on manifesting abundance? Let us know in the comments.

Peace out.

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